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Vent Axia Ventilation System

Please refer to the manual for full maintenance instructions. An excerpt from the manual is included below.

Maintenance Overview

  • Every 3 months – hoover the filters
  • Every year – replace filters
  • Every 2 years – service unit (€132 + vat, more info below)

Model Information

Each apartment is fitted with a Vent Axia Kinetic E (ref 443303) or Kinetic E Plus (ref 449059).

The unit is designed for continuous 24 hour exhaust ventilation of stale moist air from bathrooms, toilets and kitchens. As stale air is extracted, a heat exchanger within the unit transfers up to 90% of the heat and transfers it into the supply air entering the bedrooms and lounge.

The “star” button can be pressed to activate the Boost Mode.

Filter Maintenance

When the LED light comes on, this is a reminder to ensure that the filters are not so dirty that they are blocking the airflow. The rate varies greatly depending on environment and activity within the property. To clean the filters:

  1. Open filter flaps and remove 2 filters
  2. Clean gently by tapping or carefully using a vacuum cleaner
  3. Replace the filters
  4. Close the flaps
  5. Reset the LED, by pressing and holding the “star” button for 10 seconds.

Replacement Filter Purchase

You can buy original filters, but if you would like some cost-effective, compatible filters, you might want to try these from FairAir EU in Belgium. Some residents have tried and tested these filters and they have reported that the company provides quick, reliable delivery and the filters work well. The product some owners have tried is called Vent-Axia | Sentinel Kinetic 230 | 265 x 185 mm (the M5/M5+ option), but do check your Vent Axia model for compatibility before purchasing.

12 Monthly Maintenance

Change the fan filters. Inspect and clean the unit (NOTE: Keep water away from all electrical components and wiring within the unit.)

  1. Isolate the mains power supply
  2. Open flaps and remove 2 filters
  3. Remove front cover from the unit
  4. Slide out the heat exchanger (WITH CARE, it holds a few litres of water, so clear the table top below)
  5. Wash the outer cover and heat exchanger in warm water using a mild detergent and dry thoroughly

Professional Service

Derek at Garocal ( provides a 10 point manufacturer service including inspection of the motors, condensate drain and fastenings for wear and tear.  The cost at the time of writing is ~€132 +vat per apartment. For an additional cost of €40 +vat, balancing of all supply vents is also included.