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Practical Information

House Rules

The section below highlights some of the key house rules. The full House Rules are available in myBlockman as a downloadable PDF document. The House Rules should be read in conjunction with the covenants in your Lease. In the case of any discrepancy, it is the House Rules PDF document that takes precedence.


Security and general safety is in the interest of all residents and please ensure the following:

  • Do not admit anyone through the front door or through the basement stairs /lift lobbies unless you are fully satisfied that he/she has legitimate business within the block.
  • It is primarily the responsibility of each resident to control admission of their own guests and other callers. Do not admit anyone through the intercom who claims to have business with another resident, has forgotten/mislaid keys etc unless you can be certain that the request is valid.
  • As far as possible, see casual callers, tradesmen, etc off the premises and not just out of your own apartment.
  • Ensure that the self-locking mechanism in the entrance doors engages after you close it. If it is faulty please report it to the managing agent.
  • Do not leave the main entrance doors open by wedging or other means.
  • Do not keep the remote control for the entrance gates in your car. If a remote control is stolen then the security of the basement car park and stores is at risk.
  • Do not leave valuables in your car.

If you see any suspicious activity/persons please report it to Clontarf, Gardai on 01 6665600.

Refuse & Recycling

All refuse and recycling from the bins in the basement is collected weekly on Wednesdays.

The green recycling bins located in the bin store are for the collection of recycling materials including paper, cardboard, clean plastic bottles, beverage and food cartons including Tetra Pak.

Glass recycling is not currently offered on site, but there are bottle bins and clothing bins just down the road on Dollymount Park (opposite the church).

We request that each resident pay attention when carrying refuse to the designated areas to avoid spillage in the elevators and in common areas.

Old Electrical appliances, carpets, furniture, clothes, building material and debris must NOT be placed in the refuse/recycling bins. It is up to the apartment owner to dispose of such material. Misuse of the green recycling bin or the general waste bins will result in a €100 fine payable by the offending apartment resident. The resident shall be notified by letter and the fine put on to the service charge.


Any noise that may constitute an annoyance i.e. stereo, radio and tv etc. should be kept at a volume that will not interfere with your neighbour’s quiet enjoyment of their homes. There must be no noise from any apartments between 11pm and 8am. Please close your apartment door quietly. Please be considerate of your neighbours.


The lease for your apartment limits the items that you are allowed to place on your balconies to garden furniture and planting. Nothing else is permitted: in particular, washing may not be hung on balconies or in the window areas inside apartments. Barbecues are a fire risk and are prohibited on balconies. Please remember to keep noise to a minimum to avoid disturbing other residents.

Common Areas
No items may be left in any of the common area including landings, stairwells and the car park. Please respect all common areas by not littering. When moving furniture etc. please ensure that the paintwork, fixtures and fittings are not damaged. Ball playing is not permitted.
Car Park
We remind all residents that cars should only be parked in the underground car park, in the designated car space and within the marked area. Please make sure your guests or employees do not use spaces allocated to other apartments. Only motor vehicles are allowed in the car park. Parking of boats, caravans or commercial vehicles is not allowed. The management company accepts no responsibility for damage to cars parked in the car park.
Bicycles must be stored in the designated bike cages only and must not be taken into or through the building or kept in apartments or on balconies or patios. Bicycles must not be locked to any gates or railings in the ownership of the OMC. Any bicycles locked to such gates or railings will be removed by the OMC.
Air BnB/Short Lets

Short term letting such as AirBnB is strictly prohibited.

No Smoking
We request that all residents and guests of residents refrain from smoking in any of the entrance doorways and corridors. The building is a No Smoking Area.
No Animals
No animal, bird or domestic pets can be kept in the apartments or stores.
In the event of a lift breakdown, please report the fault to Greendoor Property Management Limited who will notify the lift maintenance company. Lifts are for passengers only and the weight limit may not be exceeded under any circumstances. The lift should not be used for the transportation of building materials or heavy furniture. Any call
out costs arising from the misuse of the lift from overloading or deliberate false alarms shall be charged to the apartment owner who is responsible.
Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are located in each stairwell only to be used in cases of fire emergency. A €100 fine will be charged if any owner / tenant is found to misuse or tamper with them unnecessarily. If a Fire Extinguisher is missing please contact managing agent Green Door 01 8055957.

You are recommended to install a suitable fire extinguisher and fire blanket in your apartment.

Renovation Works

If an apartment owner plans to carry out renovation work to their apartment they must inform and seek the approval of the OMC in advance of the works commencing. The OMC’s regulations in relation to such works will ensure that:

  • All works must be undertaken during working hours 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays
    and weekends.
  • Owners must ensure that their contractor and their employees are fully insured before permitting them to
    carry out any works
  • The basement cannot be used for the storage of materials before, during or after the renovation work.
  • If a skip is required permission for the location of the skip must be sought from the OMC
  • The lift should not be used for the transportation of building materials or furniture
  • The owner and/or their contractor must ensure that the common areas are kept free from material and litter during the duration of the works and they shall be responsible for cleaning and hovering the common areas on a daily basis for the duration of the works.
Your Contact Details
Owners and occupiers must give all contact details to the Managing Agent, Greendoor so that in the event of an emergency or alarm activation the revelant owner / occupier or alternative contact person may be informed. Please ensure that the alternative contact person holds a set of keys to the apartment to facilitate emergency access.

Maintenance & Suppliers

Seascape OMC

All unit owners are members of the Seascape Owners Management Company. Company Number: 553747.