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Maintenance of Windows and Balcony Doors

External surfaces should be cleaned with lukewarm water and a neutral cleaning fluid to remove any dirt and grime.

All opening windows and doors should have the rubber siliconed preferably 2 times a year due to the harsh environment next to the sea. All of the sliding/locking points in the opening windows and doors should be oiled once a year with an acid-free oil like WD40.

Failing to the complete the maintenance above could affect the warranty.

Suggested Products

  • WD40 Spray is ideal for spraying into the lock mechanisms.
  • For the window seals, a silicone rubber care stick is required. This can usually be found in car maintenance shops like Halfords (the same product as used on car door seals) or on Amazon, such as the following products:
Nextzett Rubber Care Stick
Sonax Rubber Care